Gérard Bourgès, HR Director, LimGROUP

Jean-Charles Savornin provided training on project management in July 2019 for the members of the group’s expanded EXCOM. This training was combined with a follow-up on a number of projects conducted in 2019 and 2020.
Each project manager involved testified to the practical assistance and virtuous help provided by Jean-Charles, both in learning (and then in applying the methodology) and in the use and relevance of the tools provided.
Jean-Charles was able to adapt himself perfectly to every person in order to help the different projects and the people in charge progress.
Jean-Charles set-up meetings according to the capacity and the needs of everyone. Jean-Charles thus provided the serenity and rhythm essential to the landing of the projects (for those who landed during his support). This training and its follow-up gave us a method and tolls to improve.
It’s up to us now to optimize this training, to turn this support into a real « ratchet effect » that allows us to take a step forward in our individual and collective ability to carry out the company’s project.
Gérard Bourgès, HR Director, LimGROUP