Work with Jean-Charles


Projectence assists its customers in adapting their organization based on their culture, current organization, history, overall activity and type of business. We help them identifying the best organization to secure cash-in and sales and to improve margin, and implement it.

Increase your profits

The increase of profit on your portfolio and projects can be obtained leveraging one or more of the following:

  • Select the more profitable projects
  • Manage your risk provision
  • Reduce claims from your customers and suppliers
  • Transform your opportunities

Obtain reliable financial data

Obtaining reliable financial data means:

Securing your estimates of:

  • Sales
  • Margin
  • Costs engagement
  • Cash-in and cash-out

And making them happen !

Build the project dream team

The project dream team must be mobilized, including:

  • The best trained and experienced project managers
  • The most suitable organization
  • A formalized governance





Examples of missions:

  • Advising on the tender strategy of a multimillion international project
  • Managing tenders
  • Auditing bid preparation
  • Defining a counter-claim strategy
  • Proposing a project execution strategy and organization
  • Defining project management processes and methodologies of an electricity generation company
  • Auditing project management practices for an industry
  • Managing an organizational project
  • Changing the organization into a project oriented organization
  • Mapping project managers’ competencies and skills, and proposing the appropriate talent management plan
  • Developing a contract management organization
  • Setting-up and operating a PMO (Project Management Office) for a governmental programme
  • Advising tender managers on contractual risks and mitigation plans
  • Managing multi-million dollar projects from development to commissioning
  • Taking the lead on a project in a non-projectized organization
  • Starting a new product development project
  • Defining claims and answers to claims with customers
  • Dismounting a project, from A to Z, on both operational and contractual apsects to analyze the real situation and find ways to reject claims from customers and present claims to customers
  • Definition of a contract management strategy during the course of the project
  • Contractual risks assessment
  • Training on contract management to project managers
  • Setting-up claim and claim strategy

Who we help

  • Infrastructures and large equipment (energy, water/environment, transports,…)
  • Large international and complex projects
  • Aerospace and Defense